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Builder Website Design Concept

This was a website design comp (comp is short for comprehensive layout design, I know its a little redundant) that I did for a major nationwide custom barn home builder. They do truly amazing work that is hard to capture in a website. I opted for a very clean and simple design that was a […]

eCommerce Sales Done Right

The following image is of a screen shot I took from the Finish Line website during Cyber Monday 2013. This was a landing page that I came to from an ad on Facebook. I grabbed the screen shot because I really liked a lot of the things that they were doing and in this post […]

Getty Images Unlocks Photo Library

Getty Images just recently unlocked all of their images for free use as long as the use is non commercial and you use their nifty little embed code. Take a look at the image below. Think of it as Youtube for images. Each embedded image includes a Twitter share button, a Tumblr post button and […]

Local Business Website Design Concept

This website design concept was created for a custom concrete coating company that applies epoxies and other coverings for industrial buildings, commercial buildings in kitchens and places like oil can henry’s as well as garages and basements in residential areas.

New Bottle Designs

These are some of the new bottle designs for NVIE Nutrition that I designed while working at Total Market Exposure. I really like this kind of work because its challenging. I was given a flat label designed by the packaging company and I had to take that label and wrap it around a 3D rendering […]

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