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         > Contact us
        Address: Yixing City, Jiangsu province
        Tel: 0510-87693203 87696218
        Fax: 0510-87692051
        Zip code: 214242
        Manager: Qian Junxiang
        Mobile phone: 0-13706154081
        Web site: www.sammillerart.com
        E-mail: info@yxkdf.com
         > About us

          Yixing Kaida fluorine rubber seal Co., Ltd. specializing influorine rubber seals, PTFE, special engineering plastics.The mechanical seal of the production, development,sales, products widely used in petroleum, chemical,textile, printing and dyeing, valve, environmental protection, electric power, electrical appliances,automobile, metallurgy, machinery and other industries.Large fluorine rubber O - ring, Kinmen kaoliang liquor byHefei Shanghai Attorney General Machinery Research Institute identified as qualified suppliers, part of the O shaped sealing exporter. The company is in East China and fluorine rubber plastic seals production bases.

          The company is China Plastic Association, Chinahydraulic pneumatic seals association. Long term has been the United States Du Bang company, Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials, East China University of Science and Technology and other technical support andin strict accordance with the ISO9002 standardimplementation of product quality management in the "innovation, quality of life, customer satisfaction is the responsibility." Service to every Chinese and foreign customer.

          The company is located in China's Taihu Lake in YixingCity, the traffic is very convenient, welcome to communicate guidance!