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      1. 中文版 > E-mail 
         > Contact us
        Address: Yixing City, Jiangsu province
        Tel: 0510-87693203 87696218
        Fax: 0510-87692051
        Zip code: 214242
        Manager: Qian Junxiang
        Mobile phone: 0-13706154081
        Web site: www.sammillerart.com
        E-mail: info@yxkdf.com
         > Jobs

        Position: Assistant
        Recruitment period:The long-term effectiveAcademic requirements:College degree or above
        The number of required:twoThe age requirement:23-35 years of age
        Work address:
        Ding Shu Xu Yixing city of Jiangsu ProvinceGender requirements:Men and women are not limited
        Recruitment requirements:
        One, the recruitment office clerk 2 specific requirements are as follows: 1 the age more than 26 years of age men and women are not limited .2 .college degree or above,have certain writing ability, can skilled operate all kinds of office automation software. 3.have good occupationethics and professionalism, honest, careful, rigorous. 4,the image of good temperament, enunciation is clear, the etiquette norms, strong adaptability, good conduct.