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      1. 中文版 > E-mail 
         > Contact us
        Address: Yixing City, Jiangsu province
        Tel: 0510-87693203 87696218
        Fax: 0510-87692051
        Zip code: 214242
        Manager: Qian Junxiang
        Mobile phone: 0-13706154081
        Web site: www.sammillerart.com
        E-mail: info@yxkdf.com
         > Service
        Service concept is the enterprise to establish the idealcustomer relationship, customer loyalty, established the basic beliefs and values, but also the employeesengaged in service work should follow the basic beliefs and standards.
        We pursue satisfactory service, continuous progressevery day.
        "Unlimited service" is al Qaeda sincere promises to outsiders, cultural norms on.
        We focus on service, not only for customers, but alsoestablish Kaida unique large service concept, advocatingbetween staff and employees, between the Department and the Department is a relationship between the services and service, everyone is al Qaeda servicesprovider, is Kai service object of.