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        High temperature and high ......
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          Recently, relying on China University of Petroleum(Beijing) established the "oil and gas equipment materials failure and corrosion protection of the Key Laboratory of Beijing city" of the 2012 annual scientific and technological innovation base to cultivate and developspecial - step plan project "H2S/CO2 under high temperature and high pressure environment for petroleum equipment sealing rubber development"acceptance by experts. The subject on the basis of previous work, after in-depth study, has made breakthrough progress. The project developed with independent intellectual property rights, the end of the status quo of China's high sulfur resistant sealingproducts rely on imports, enhance the competitiveness of domestic equipment in the world market for oil and gasequipment, domestic equipment to provide cutting-edgetechnology to lead the world.

        In the special funds under the guidance of the laboratory,positive and enterprise cooperation. Research on oilpipeline machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. and a number of units, and has good economic benefits, the relevant research results won the two prize of progress of science and technology of china. Research is currently working with the North China Petroleum Rongsheng MachineryManufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperation subsea blowout preventer of national "863" project, is expected to realize the localization of equipment related to water.

          Oil and gas resources exploitation environment to the development of high temperature, high pressure, high acid, sulfur, the rubber core components of oil and gasequipment in the seal put forward higher requirements.And related products and technology is monopolized bythe foreign companies, the technology in the blocked state, and the product is expensive, delivery cycle is long,has become one of the key technologies to control the oil and gas resources, China's mining.