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        The 2014 China (Shanghai) ......
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        Show time: 2014-05-14 ~ 2014-05-16 annual session

        Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center Exhibition Hall

        The exhibition hall: Beijing Beijing City

        Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

        Industry: industrial, mechanical, processing

        Organizer: China Association of equipment management

        Organizer: Beijing Shixin Exhibition International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

        Co organizer: --

        954 (20).

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        The Organizing Committee (Add) address: China BeijingFangshan Palace 8-5-901

        Telephone (Tel): +86-010-56153763

        Fax (Fax): +86-010-58126807

        Contact person: Liu Yiyang 15810843630 (contacts)

        Mail box (E - mail): lyy_2013@vip.126.com

        QQ (Instant message): 2225785076

         brief introduction

        [Objective - 2014 Chinese liquid gastightness industry will usher in new opportunities for development]

        Accompanied by the Ministry of machinery spare parts industry base revitalize "implementation plan" the promulgation and the end of last year the high-end hydraulic engineering machinery established cooperative work platform for institutions, China on hydraulicengineering machinery such as the core components of the special campaign to enter into a substantive stage.Thirty years of reform and opening up, ChinaConstruction machinery enterprises in various segmentsalmost occupies the dominant position in the domestic market, but lack of the three core components technicalhydraulic parts, engine, electronic control system has been restricting the Chinese engineering machinery industry towards the international market, and cause theChinese engineering machinery industry is big but notstrong long-term the situation, the Chinese engineering machinery industry more than 70% of the profits by foreign parts giant grab. In the engineering machinery hydraulic parts, engine, electronic control system of three core parts, hydraulic technology is the biggest bottleneck in the development of Chinese construction machinery enterprises, in terms of excavator hydraulic pressuredevice, the domestic excavator parts enterprise productsis still difficult to meet the domestic excavator hostenterprises supporting requirements, so grab the core components of large imports, also swallowed most of the profits of domestic excavator industry. China's domestic hydraulic parts technology is weak, and the world famousbrands to compete was the underdog, so in the domestic construction machinery industry will have "casting tohydraulic, hydraulic bidder world" argument.

        Now in the hydraulic parts and liquid gas field, China has a project investment in more than 10 billion yuan, but the domestic liquid gastightness industry are busy fighting in the product in the low-end market, product homogeneityis difficult to open class, need for national policy guidance, the host enterprises and domestic basic pieces of enterprise alliance, reorganization of the walk road, the scale can benefit. If the base member enterprises to participate in the host product development process, fully understand the requirements of the technical requirements for the development of host and process.While the host enterprises to actively support the domestic basic pieces of life test, new products basedenterprises, provide the time machine and site. Two in the upstream and downstream industry chain to realize the depth of cooperation, advantage and foreign enterprises in the competition.

        The 2014 China (Shanghai) international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition(hereinafter referred to as Shanghai PTC) is composed ofChinese equipment management, China MachineryIndustry Association and the world exhibition in BeijingInternational Exhibition Service Co., organized, scheduled for May 14, 2014 -16 day held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, at present Shanghaitransmission exhibition is the best trade platform for China and Asia liquid gastightness industry, the main sponsor exhibition in Beijing Shixin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the exhibition industry!

        [Objective] professional visitors from

        Engineering machinery, railway, automobile manufacturing, wind power, machine manufacture etc.

        Energy and power, port equipment, aerospace, petroleumchemical industry, motorcycle manufacturing, bicycle production etc.

        Agricultural equipment, plastic machinery, cement manufacturing, ship manufacturing, packaging machinery,printing machinery, textile machinery, pharmaceuticalmachinery etc.

        Hardware appliances, electronic products, building materials, furniture etc.

         exhibits range

        Fluid power transmission

        Hydraulic technology / hydraulic / pneumatic technology /technology / mechanical seal and stuffing static sealingtechnology / related equipment and testing instruments

        The transmission medium.

        Mechanical transmission, components and manufacturing equipment

        Gear / belt / chain drive / fasteners / transmission coupling / spring / powder metallurgy / all kinds of mechanical equipment and testing instruments


        Bearing and bearing parts / bearing production and processing equipment and related equipment andaccessories

        Linear motion system

        The linear guide rail / linear motion drive device / system /linear motion system / electric mechanical actuator /compound motion system

        Electric drive

        Industrial motor / servo motor / electromagneticequipment / converter / driver

        Compressed gas technology

        Air compressor compressor (including oxygen, ammonia,nitrogen, carbon dioxide, chlorine gas, natural gas and other special medium compressor)

        Compressor host / compressor parts / compressed gasafter treatment equipment / lubricants and relatedauxiliary equipment

        Internal combustion engines and small gas turbines

        Engine / parts and accessories / engine R & D processingand testing equipment