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        Rubber sealing high growth ......
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          The rubber seal is small, but in the national economyoccupies a very important position, is the national defense, chemical, petroleum, coal, transportation andmachinery manufacturing industries based components and accessories. In recent years, with the rapid economic growth, rubber seal manufacturing industry has maintained two digit growth.

          According to statistics, in 2010, China's rubber sealmanufacturing industry enterprises above Designated Size (according to the National Bureau of statistics, the sales income of 5000000  yuan of above) to achieve the total industrial output value of nearly 8000000000 yuan,an increase of more than 25%.

          Research Institute released "2012-2016 China rubberseal manufacturing industry of produce and sale andstrategic investment analysis report" shows, domesticrubber seal above scale manufacturing industry nearly 300 enterprises, the industry overall development situation of small-scale enterprises, low level of technology. From the perspective of economic typeenterprises, private, foreign-funded enterprisesaccounted for more than 95%, is the main type ofindustry; at the same time, the enterprise basicallyconcentrated in east area, from the number of enterprises, sales revenue and assets scale, East Chinaaccounted for a considerable share, marketconcentration is high.

          The rapid development of economy brings the automobile industry and the increase of investment in fixed assets ofthe main downstream industry and other machinery,domestic market demand, to provide a huge marketspace for the rubber seal manufacturing industry. Many Multi-National Corporation through joint venture,cooperation and other ways to enter the Chinese market,leading to intensified competition.

          Fortunately, the future, the industry will benefit from the government's concern and support. Along with our country rubber sealing product technology manufacturingindustry to increase, the world manufacturing industry is shifting to China and the role of the price lever, in recent years, China's export of rubber seal quality improved,some high technology content of products have entered the international market. This situation to the domesticrubber seal manufacturers bring great development opportunities.

          Rubber Industry Research Institute seal manufacturingindustry research group analysis, the domestic rubberseal manufacturing enterprises should focus on the development of brand awareness, awareness of environmental protection and standardization, strengthen the research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights, promote theindustry common technology progress, the implementation of scientific development concept ofgreen manufacturing, extended service connotation, to the manufacturing sector towards advanced, enhance international competitiveness.