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        Our hydraulic seal industry .....
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        The key components of profits, while China's engineeringmachinery enterprises due to immature technology can only will this cake submissively. Especially in the lack ofhydraulic engineering machinery high-end, has become the development of engineering machinery industryconditions.

        Hydraulic control in China at present 20 tons excavator in the hands of an enterprise, it is the Japanese company kawasaki. In 2011 March, the Japanese earthquake.Thousands of miles away in the earthquake in Japan, will spread the domestic excavator production enterprises.

        The year 3 to April, Japan excavator hydraulic partssupply disruptions, mainly rely on imported hydraulic parts of the domestic excavator host plant from Japan was forced to slow down the production rhythm, some can only be shut down. Due to availability principle inemergency situations the Japanese company Kawasaki is the first domestic, foreign, so some host plant China in order not to affect the production schedule, only haveeverywhere to seek sources. Especially those in the new round of capacity expansion Zhonggang has just launched the near excavator factory, because notKawasaki old customers, the supply demand could not bemet. It is understood, a Rongsheng heavy industries is one of the. Because the hydraulic parts can not buyKawasaki, only to find another way out.

        At this time, the brand began to emerge.

        The country has two brands, respectively is the YantaiJiangshan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. (South Korea)and the Hydraulic Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asJiangshan). The chairman Xu Zhihuan although the appearance and style are some Han Feng, but it is a Shandong native. In its early years had done years of mechanical products import and export trade, and later inSouth Korea to invest and build factories, mainly the production of key components of hydraulic parts and other much-needed domestic imports, then shipped toChina sales.

          Rongsheng not buy Hydraulic parts Kawasaki, Jiangshanwill hydraulic parts manufactured in Korea to sell them.China Construction Machinery Industry AssociationSecretary General Su Zimeng recently from the South Korean factory visits home, he told China Industrial daily news reporter to interview, the total number of domestic sales last year in hydraulic components in 400 ~ 500.

          China Construction Machinery Industry Association of engineering machinery parts branch secretary Jia Xiaowen to Jiangshan give praise: in the past two years,the domestic enterprises in order to replace the importedhydraulic parts, make great efforts to. Join development of key components of some host plant, some professionalhydraulic parts factory also increase the intensity of the research. And like a such enterprises, by the Chinese in overseas investment to set up factories, which is a way of national industrial development.

          Due to the gradual development of China's construction machinery industry and a series of industrial policyguidance, liquid gastightness industry rapid growth in recent years.

          According to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China liquid gastightness industry enterprises above scale industrial output value 77271000000 yuan, grow 21% compared to the same period. The hydraulic industry completed43620000000 yuan, an increase of 18.47%; pneumatic industry completed 15046000000 yuan, grow 29.60% compared to the same period; the sealing industry completed 18605000000 yuan, grow 23.95% compared to the same period.

          Liquid gastightness industry of 125 key enterprises,hydraulic industry 64, hydraulic industry 6, pneumaticindustry 40, sealing industry 15, the comprehensive economic index was 233.56, more than the same period last year 226.44. These key enterprises total industrialoutput value of 33424000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 12.94%. The hydraulic enterprises realize output value of 14171000000 yuan, grow 7.72% compared to the same period; hydraulic enterprises output value 533000000 yuan, drops 4.77% compared to the same period; pneumatic enterprises output value8639000000 yuan, grow 25.12% compared to the same period; sealing enterprises output value 7320000000 yuan, grow 11.14% compared to the same period.

          Good development prospect of liquid gastightness industry, has attracted a lot of industry and foreign investment. According to incomplete statistics, nearly two years liquid gastightness industry investment capital of not less than 30000000000 yuan, including engineeringmachinery hydraulic host industry investment funds accounted for about 50% of the total investment amount.Sany, Liugong, long work, ZOOMLION, Shandong Chang Linzhu, a group of engineering machinery well-knownenterprises have invested or hydraulic enterprisesmerger and reorganization.

        However, the high-end hydraulic parts localization, is not possible in the short term, but a long-term goal.